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Safety & Energy Tips

Energy Efficiency Tip

Seal cracks and openings to prevent warm air from leaking into your home. 

Air sealing is one of the most significant energy efficiency improvements you can make to your home. Air sealing will not just reduce energy costs; it will also improve your home's comfort and durability.

Winterize Your Home

A small investment of time can pay for itself in keeping your home safe and warm this winter.

As you take steps to winterize your home, you can also inspect for electrical hazards. For example, as you check around for air leaks, also check for overloaded outlets, and cover plates that are warm to the touch.

  • If you use an electrical space heater, check the cord for fraying, splitting wires, or overheating. Never place a portable heater in high-traffic areas and keep them clear of flammables.
  • Fireplaces are a good source of heat, but before you use yours be sure to have the chimney inspected and cleaned. When you are not using the fireplace make sure to close the damper.
  • As you begin wintering, check all doors and window for leaks. If you feel any air coming through, add or replace worn weather stripping and caulking. Also be sure to check for other leaks around the house.
  • Before winter arrives, make sure you have your heater checked by a professional. If you have a furnace filter, make sure to replace it. Also vacuum the vents and other heating components before turning on the heater.
  • Don't forget the plumbing when doing your winterizing check. Take care of known issues with pipes and freeze. Heat tape can be used to keep warm in during extremely cold weather.

Being prepared for winter is the best way to stay warm. Don't be caught out in the cold. Prepare now to have a safe, warm winter.


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