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Southwestern Electric Cooperative is in existence to provide a higher stand and quality of life to its members by meeting their needs. Providing electrical service at the highest standard while remaining competitive with other fuel sources and electric suppliers.

The board of trustees has the responsibility to the members of Southwestern to make policy, commit the resources and actively involve themselves to the mission of the cooperative. As a requirement of service on the board, the cooperative will provide the opportunities and each board member will spend the necessary time educating themselves for service to the members they represent.

Southwestern's reputation is that of a friendly neighbor that is honest, trustworthy, hardworking, knowledgeable and always helpful. These qualities are marks of an excellent service provider and are our standards.

To insure these high standards Southwestern will have a philosophy of growth and financial stability. We will market our services aggressively always thriving to meet the members' needs.

Southwestern's standing in the communities we serve is that of an involved citizen. We recognize we are in partnership with the local governments, economic development organizations and the business community for the food of our members.

Being owned by our members and consumers, we will keep them informed on the operation of the cooperative as well as activities and programs the cooperative has available to them. We will be continually asking for input and feedback then reevaluate our services to make sure we are fulfilling our mission of service.

We require of our employees a high standard of performance and conduct and will provide an environment of a fair and open workplace. Recognizing that employees are the key ingredient for a successful service provider, we will provide our employees the necessary training, resources and support to accomplish our mission.


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