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Budget Billing

A Free Service to Our Members!

Based on your actual electric bills for the past 12 months, we calculate the cost for your average monthly usage. This amount becomes your monthly budget bill payment. It's predictable! You make the same payment month after month, so it makes budgeting easier. If you've had service for less than a year, you're still eligible. We simply estimate your electrical usage and project our budget bill payment.

To make sure you only pay for the energy you use, your budget bill is compared to your actual meter reading. At these times, your payment can change if you're using a lot more or a lot less electricity than the prior year. Any overpayment is credited to your account.

How do you sign up for budget billing? You can begin or cancel the program at any time just by calling us at 575-374-2451 or 1-866-374-2451, or stopping by the office at 216 Main Street.

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